Digital Impressions

Our office uses the 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner for taking digital impressions. Say goodbye to the impressions you’ve grown to hate. While there may still be need for traditional dental impressions every now and then, this is the first step of a fully digital dental workflow. This means greater accuracy, comfort, and less time for our patients.

3D Printing

Utilizing 3D printing in our office allows us to have more control over the products that we deliver to you. From provisional restorations to surgical guides, 3D printing is revolutionizing the way we can practice. Coming soon: 3D printed dentures!

3D & Digital Xrays

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans allow us to view your oral structures in three dimensions providing the optimum amount of information for better diagnosis, better planning, and better outcomes. In addition, all of the xrays we take are digital and easily transported should you ever need to transfer your dental records.

Surgical Planning

Minimizing error and maximizing precision are tenants of Restoration Dentistry. One way we do that is through 3D implant planning. Using your 3D xray paired with a digital impression, we pre-plan the entire surgery digitally before it is ever completed clinically. That plan is locked in to a 3D printed index that is used intra-operatively to guide the placement of the implant exactly where it was planned.

Digital Photography

High-quality photographs are an integral part of our treatment. Communication with our dental laboratory technicians, before-and-after results, evaluation of treatment outcomes, etc. are all ways in which the photographs are utilized.

On-site Laboratory

As a prosthodontist and certified dental technician, Dr. Norvell takes great pride in having an in-house laboratory where certain procedures can be completed on-site. While we have this capability, we also find great value in our dental laboratory partners. If you have any questions about your restorations, we are happy to share with you where they are fabricated.