What whitening services do you offer?

We have partnered with GLO Whitening to offer our in-office, at-home, and touch-up whitening services. GLO was developed by NYC prosthodontist Dr. Jonathan Levine to reduce sensitivity and increase efficacy of teeth whitening solutions.

Who can get their teeth whitened?

Everyone. However, it is important to know that dental restorations will not whiten — only your natural tooth structure will whiten. So, if you have bonding, veneers, crowns or bridges, then those materials will remain the same color.

Can I use over-the-counter whitening instead?

Over-the-counter whitening solutions are effective and can be used safely if following the manufacturer’s instructions. However, the in-office and at-home solutions you receive from us will whiten your teeth faster and brighter.

How long will the in-office whitening last?

It depends. Completing the treatment is only the first step. After the teeth have been whitened, then they are primed to receive stain. It is imperative that post-operative instructions are followed to reduce staining and regression.